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Web Articles or Ongoing Blog Posts – If you want high-performance content that search engines love and readers share, then you’ve come to the write place. And yes, puns ARE included in the price.

If you’d like your blog to be completely hands off, I’m also available for ongoing blog posts. Whether you want 2 posts/week or 10 posts/week, I’d love to learn more about your project.

Ebooks or White Papers – Looking to create an in-depth e-book that you can sell as an information product? Or maybe you need a concisely written white paper that you can use as a lead-gen for your subscribers? Either way, with my conversational writing style, finely-tuned research skills, and dedication to perfection, I can guarantee you a product you’re happy to put your name on.

Press Releases – Would you like me to help you announce your new product, service or business to the media world? Writing a good press release can be tedious work, but I’ll gladly take on the challenge to get you the publicity you deserve.

Email Series – Creating a successful line of e-mails for an autoresponder is one of the most difficult aspects of content marketing. However, with my knowledge of psychology and persuasion, you can get open rates well above the industry average of 15% – 20%. Just look at these two samples taken from two of my own email series (the 0% clicks are from messages without links):

Email Series Open Rates

Email Series Open Rates Example 2


  • Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed, and unlimited revisions are always part of the deal.
  • Minimum 50% Deposit is required for all first-time clients.
  • Turn Around Times are subject to change depending on my schedule. Contact me ASAP to secure your place in my schedule.