Client Testimonials

Stephen just finished an e-book for me, and I have to say that from beginning to end the process was ridiculously easy and hassle free. He was available to Skype (voice) for each section of the book, and was more than happy to do rewrites on sections where I felt the voicing needed altering.

All in all, very much worth the money, and Stephen will now be one of my top go-to guys for ghost writing!

Cheers, and thanks again Stephen!
- John Detlefs

To everyone who has any doubts about Stephen’s ghostwriting:

Over the past couple months I’ve employed his service again and again, and he has continued to over-deliver great content every single time. He is a great communicator and works with you through each stage of your projects – something not many writers do.

I highly recommend this service to every one. Thanks for the great work Stephen!
- Mick

When I’m working with someone I like to be kept in the loop; good communication goes a long way in building a good relationship. Stephen certainly over delivered there.

As to Stephen’s actual writing… I had specific requirements as to content and style and he absolutely nailed them! Magazine quality – free from any grammatical errors, flowing and capturing everything I wanted. Even though I knew the information myself, I always felt like reading to the end.

Stephen followed my requests to the dot, which is fantastic! I am really impressed with the quality of his writing – no grammatical mistakes, not one missing punctuation, and the article does a brilliant job of building up to the call-to-action. You can tell that he is a bit of a perfectionist.

It’s not very often you find a writer that can make all the elements of a good article work in synergy to add value to the reader, give search engines what they like and give the marketer the click. What more can you ask?
- Melvin

Stephen admitted at the start he did not know about the area of business that my business operates in, but I gave him some materials to work with and right away he was producing good quality material. As he has continued, he found his stride and understands the industry better with each post. I’ve provided detailed instructions about what I wanted, and he has followed them very well to produce exactly what I am after.”